Community Parking Lot Sale – Saturday July 8th

Do you have a lot of extra stuff hanging about your house?

Have you been giving some thought to having a garage sale but don’t want all the work involved?

Why not…. Buy a space at our Community Parking Lot Sale ($25  per 8 x 8 ft area/ $35 after June 15)

Bring your sellable stuff on Saturday morning, priced and ready to sell.

Browse at the other tables, socialize with your neighbours, enjoy some tasty snacks in the fresh air and make a bit of money at the same time!

Be part of a widely advertised community event, do some spring cleaning at the same time and maybe pick up a few other treasures that you’ve been seeking! Items for sale are not limited to only yard sale type items. Other possibilities are crafts, woodworking projects, jams or other preserves, plants etc. The more variety the better.

Reserve your space NOW. Registration Form for Parking Lot Sale and Information Form for Parking Lot Sale  can be picked up from the office or downloaded by clicking on the links.

We hope to operate a small concession stand and a bake table. All proceeds from this event will go to paying off the Capital Project Debt.

If you want to help with this event, please speak to Monica G. or Chris E.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any unsold items left, it is your responsibility to take them away with you.