Community Sale

Vendor Information
Date: Saturday July 7, 2018
Location: St. Peter’s Parking Lot – 5800 Church Road, Duncan
Your set up time: 6:45 a.m. – 7:45 a.m.

Registration Form for Parking Lot Sale 2018

Open to the public: 8 a.m. until NOON followed by the 20 MINUTE BLITZ (see below for information about the Blitz).

All vendors must have thoroughly cleaned their spot and vacated the parking lot by 1:30 p.m.

Nonrefundable Registration Cost:
• $25 per parking space. Please register and pay as soon as possible as space is limited.

What’s in it for YOU:
1. Any revenue you generate from your own sales you get to keep!
2. We do the promotion! Have you ever tallied the costs and time involved in promoting a garage sale? This is a deal when you capitalize on our efforts and momentum from one
giant garage sale. There is no way you could get this many people out to a single household garage sale!
3. You can register for multiple parking spaces if you have lots of stuff!
4. You get to feel great about supporting your community!

Please Note:
We have our own non-refundable costs associated with holding this event so the event happens rain or shine. NO refunds.
Vendors are encouraged to bring sun umbrellas or awnings to protect against the elements.
We will have wheelbarrows and dollies available to assist you in moving your items from vehicle to designated spot.

How it Works:
1. You REGISTER and PAY to rent one or more parking spots to display your items.
2. We PROMOTE the parking lot sale! St. Peter’s Church will ensure the event is publicized in the local media and with signs posted in the area to ensure maximum attendance from the public. We encourage you to share the event via social media to get the word out.

Poster St. Peter’s Parking Lot Sale

3. You will get a MAP of the parking lot showing you which parking spot(s) you have been assigned, where to park during the sale, etc. You organize and price the items you want to sell at the garage sale.
4. You show up EARLY around 6:45 a.m. before the public arrives to set up. You unload your items and move them to your assigned spot. You move your car to the designated parking area away from the unloading area by 7:45 a.m.

5. Each space comes with ONE table. Additional tables are $5 each. You can also bring your own tables or shelving units to display your sale items.
6. The public arrives at 8 a.m. Have lots of fun SELLING your stuff! There will be a concession stand where you can buy drinks, lunch or a snack.
7. You are required to CLEAN UP your site before leaving. No items can be left behind.
8. Go and celebrate, save, or donate all the money you earned!
9. If you choose to donate a percentage of your proceeds to St. Peter’s Church, a tax receipt will be issued for amounts over $20.

NEW this year – 20 Minute Blitz:
What is the 20 Minute Blitz? Once the sale ends at NOON, participating vendors have 10 mins to pack up any of their unsold items that they wish to take home rather than give away. During this time, buyers purchase special bags from the Church organizers for $5 each and once the whistle blows to commence the Blitz, the buyers can move amongst the participating vendors and fill their bags with the remaining items. This is an opportunity for Vendors to get rid of more of their items rather than hauling them back home and/or taking them to a secondhand shop to dispose of. As this event is a Fundraiser, the sale of the bags will benefit St. Peter’s Church. Participating vendors will receive a special sign to indicate they are participating in the Blitz.

Garage Selling Tips & Rules:
• Don’t overprice. Remember, it’s a garage sale! People are hunting for deals. This isn’t the place to get top dollar for your art. A good rule of thumb is to sell things for one-half to
one-quarter their original price depending on condition.
• Price things with round numbers–25 cents instead of 15, $2 instead of $1.80. This way, you’ll avoid juggling loose change and making math errors when calculating totals.
• Make sure all your items are clearly marked with price tags, which will discourage bargainhunters from offering a bargain-basement price on items that aren’t marked. We
recommend painter’s tape for marking prices. After shoppers take their items home, they can remove the tape without the sticky residue that stickers usually leave.
• When it comes to rummaging through other people’s used stuff, presentation matters! Arrange items by category. Place hot ticket items in the most visible spots to lure over