Capital Project News

Alan Gurzinski writes in our August 24th bulletin: The Capital Project is progressing on schedule and close to the budgeted $300 000 plan. All the job contracts have been awarded and are progressing as scheduled, many have been completed or are nearing completion. The list below is the status of the major jobs being carried out.

  • Foundation repairs are being done now
  • Asbestos removal was completed in the spring
  • Audio Visual upgrades in progress, wiring complete, hardware to come
  • Carpet to be installed later this month
  • Chancel area upgrades nearing completion
  • Altar renovations have been postponed.
  • Electrical concealing and upgrades nearing completion
  • Heating/cooling system to be installed later this month
  • North door entry roof is not being done
  • New organ to be installed later this month
  • Stained glass repairs will start later this month, three month job
  • Upgrade storage cabinets in Vestry and children’s room to be done later this month
  • Pathway upgrade with railing and lighting starting this month
  • Parking lot, land levelling and grass seeding is nearing completion
  • Rectory roof completed
  • Stations of the cross completed

Still under review is the exterior of the Church. An assessment is being done and we are expecting a report on the status of the wall boards etc, window and crack sealing, and painting options. The report will also provide an estimated cost for the work to be done.



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