Capital Project Update

This Sunday, the Crypt beneath the church is being completely emptied so that construction workers can start on Monday with the electrical and heating issues beneath the building. This means that our idea to restore and repair St Peter’s historic building will truly have begun in earnest.

Many months ago, our Capital Project Fundraiser wrote an outline called “Manifesting Our Future” explaining how the Capital Project would unfold and eventually become reality. It was only an idea back then but it was also a vision for the parish to come. Today, that past has become our present because all of you believed that it could happen.

Thank you all for your help, funds, time, energy, and support over the last year. We are on track with our fundraising to date but please help us stay on schedule by ensuring that your pledged amounts continue to arrive, by making a extra donation, or by attending our Gala Dinner and Silent Auction on May 31st.  Spend a few moments explaining our parish capital  project to a friend or two and invite them to attend with you on May 31st!




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