Capital Project: What Faith Can Do

The Capital Project will ultimately :

  • Allow St Peters’ parishioners to safely worship on the site where it all began in 1866
  • Draw the parish family closer by working together for a common purpose
  • Bring individuals closer to God through daily prayer for the success of the Capital Campaign
  • Be a journey of faith and an opportunity to see God’s grace in action
  • Create improvements to the physical buildings so that more groups and individuals can use and enjoy them
  • Raise awareness of the parish and its all of its good work by interacting on many levels with the broader community beyond St Peter’s
  • Attract newcomers to St Peter’s through positive interactions with parishioners and through publicizing our cause
  • Create financial stability for repairs so that St Peter’s will be able to continue and be there for our children today and future generations of Anglicans.
  • Provide an opportunity for parishioners to formally arrange financial bequests and gifts to the parish
  • Manifest the goodness and kindness found in all humankind.
  • Transform our understanding of the glory of God and how God can truly work through us.

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