Church Restorations – Volunteers Needed

As we will be starting work in earnest on the restoration project, below is a list of things in the building that volunteers from the congregation could remove to storage.

They include but not limited to:

* Flags ,books ,hanging  pictures, Electronics,

* All materials on the floor in the Vestry

* Loose Chairs, Glass table tops

* Small donation box by North door

* Large candle sticks and hanging birds at rear

*Two poles at end of front Pews

The items ( pictures and books) that are affected by dampness should not go into the storage containers but somewhere dry. All the other stuff can go into the second storage container.

The larger items such as the pews and large pieces of furniture we will detach from floor and move to one side then the other as dictated by the interior work.

Please contact Alan via the church office if you are able to help.


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