Construction News

The Project Manager will soon be providing work packages to several firms to bid on work that will be happening as part of the Church Restoration work. If any member of the parish or a family member of a parishioner has a business that would like the opportunity to bid on any work that will be happening throughout this project they must contact Alan Gurzinski our Buildings &  Grounds Team leader by Thursday May 15th.   The project management team will be releasing work packages in the next few months in the area of flooring, stained glass work, carpentry, excavation work, electrical work, foundation work etc.  The project management company already has a list of primarily local companies that they will release work packages to but to ensure that no one is inadvertently left off the list, this is a one and only chance for parishioners and their families to make it known that they are interested in bidding on certain aspects of the work happening over the next several months. There will be strict timelines and guidelines to follow to ensure that the project is being kept on schedule.


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