Cowichan Refugee Support Group Update

In January, St. Peter Quamichan hosted a meeting to organize a group that would sponsor Syrian refugees.  This led to a core group of volunteers who are taking a leadership role and coordinating the sponsorship process. Two members from St. Peter’s, Ruth Dantzer and Tricia Datené, are currently volunteering with the core group and we are working with representatives from St. John’s Cobble Hill and other volunteers from the community.  We have all been screened by the Diocese and given training through the Sanctuary Program.

As of February 10th we have raised $8326.   This is very encouraging, but we need $28,000 in order to make application for our first family.  If you can help, you can donate at our website where we have a convenient “donate” button.  We also need a Fundraising Coordinator and a Housing Coordinator to arrange for short-term housing (when the family first arrives) as well as long-term suitable accommodations. We have also been amassing a lot of in-kind gifts of furniture and household goods for the families.

At the moment, we’re most in need of financial donations. Please help us reach our goal of raising $28,000 to support a refugee family for their first 12 months in Canada.  (We actually need a total of $40,000 but the federal government is contributing  the difference.)  It is as easy as using the “donate” button on our website.  St. John’s Cobble Hill has agreed to match donations from their parishioners up to $5000.

Tricia Datené made a presentation to St Peter Quamichan Parish council and they have agreed to support us in principle but cannot designate any funds from the St. Peter’s budget this year.   They have offered us the use of the hall and church for free and they will help us promote the project.

We must depend on the individuals in the parish and the community to help us reach our financial goal.  We will also need help with many time-intensive tasks. Please contact Ruth at [email protected] or Andrew at [email protected] if you have time to donate or if you are able to help.



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