Day #10 in 22 Days

Each day during these 22 days, we are sharing a sacred story. Each of these stories are of residential school survivors—stories of trauma, shame, and abuse, but also courage, resilience, and hope—each accompanied by a daily prayer. We encourage you to take the time to listen to each story. When you pray, reflect on the words of the prayers, chosen so carefully by each contributor. Think about what commitment you can make to continue the journey towards reconciliation. 

Today on Day ten we share the story of Seis’lom who was interviewed by Anglican Video in 1995 in Vancouver, BC. Click here to watch.


By: The Very Rev. Peter Elliott
For: Seis’lom

Creator of the earth: you call us to see all of humanity the light of your thirst for justice and your gentle compassion: thank you for the dignity, honour and integrity of your children especially Seis’lom.

Instill in the hearts of all your people a desire to be ministers of healing and reconciliation.

Gather your people from every tribe and language and nation into a common path of caring for the earth and all its creatures.

We ask this in the name of our friend and brother Jesus Christ.  Amen.

The Very Rev. Peter Elliott is the dean of the Diocese of New Westminster and rector of Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver, B.C.


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