Day # 11 in 22 Days

Day 11 – June 10th, 2015

N’kixw’stn James was interviewed by Anglican Video in 1993 in Lytton, BC.  Watch her story now.


By: The Rev. Dr. Karen Egan
For: N’kixw’stn James

Dear Jesus, whose name is our very salvation,
You have known us since the birth of time,
And held us in our mothers’ womb.
Call us today by the names you first called us,
That you may awaken us to our precious selves,
And thus to the worth of all you have loved into being.
For in your call lies our hope,
That awakened, we will cry out for justice,
And in our cry, Jesus, that you will be there to bear the wounds
of those whose own cry has been silenced,
and whose gentle words, may yet restore our wholeness. Amen

The Rev. Dr. Karen Egan is the director of pastoral studies at Montreal Diocesan Theological College.


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