Day #13 in 22 Days

Each day during these 22 days, we are sharing a sacred story. Each of these stories are of residential school survivors—stories of trauma, shame, and abuse, but also courage, resilience, and hope—each accompanied by a daily prayer. We encourage you to take the time to listen to each story. When you pray, reflect on the words of the prayers, chosen so carefully by each contributor. Think about what commitment you can make to continue the journey towards reconciliation. 

June 12th – Day #13

Vi Samaha was filmed by Anglican Video in 1993 while addressing the Royal Commission in Ottawa, Ont.  Vi passed away in Kamloops, BC on June 10th, 1999.  Watch her story.


By: Donna Bomberry
For: Vi Samaha

God of Justice,
Grant us the same courage and hope you gave to our Elder, Vi as we too follow your vision for life for us by remembering her example and service.   Amen.

Donna Bomberry is the former co-ordinator of Indigenous Ministries for the Anglican Church of Canada.



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