Day #15 in 22 Days

June 14 – Day 15

John Aleck was interviewed by Anglican Video in 1993 in Lytton, BC. Watch his story.


By: The Ven. Bruce Myers
For: John Aleck

Creator God, Great Spirit, Loving Father,
who promises that light shall overcome darkness
and that the truth shall make us free:
May the light of your truth
shine upon the darkness of our past,
so that we might know forgiveness and healing,
walk together as one people,
and be living signs of truth and reconciliation in the world;
through him by whom all things shall be reconciled and made new,
Jesus Christ, the Peacemaker. Amen.

The Ven. Bruce Myers is the co-ordinator for ecumenical and interfaith relations for Faith, Worship, and Ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada.


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