Day #16 in 22 Days

June 15 – Day #16

Gloria Nicolson was interviewed by Anglican Video in 1994 in Vancouver, BC. Watch and listen to her story.


By: Todd Russell
For: Gloria Nicolson

Great Creator

We were swept up and tossed about, like leaves in the wind
We did not know the place to which we were carried,
We found no rest in the beauty of your creation…
We lost touch with thy shelter and comfort
We lost touch with that which gives us life,
We were torn from the branches of that great tree
It seemed like we never really belonged
We were uprooted and we were withering…

But Great Creator we are strong and we survive to grow again in
the soil that is our Mother, the Earth

We long to feel connected once again
We long for the protection and peace that it brings
And we seek that now

Great Creator may you give me the strength to forgive those who have left me broken
May those who have aided in my brokenness seek forgiveness

May all our children be unshackled from the chains of our collective past and be filled with hope and reconciliation, with love and understanding…

And Great Creator, may your will be done !!!

Todd Russell is the president of the NunatuKavut Community Council representing the southern Inuit of south central Labrador. He is a former co-chair of the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples and served as MP for the riding of Labrador from 2005-2011.


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