Day #17 in 22 Days

June 16 – Day 17

Elizabeth Johns was filmed by Anglican Video in 1993 at the Second National Native Convocation in Minaki, Ont. Watch her story


By: Cynthia Patterson
For: Elizabeth Johns

Creator of heaven and earth, of all that is, seen and unseen, we give you thanks for the courage of Elizabeth Johns.  Elizabeth leads us to see what has been for too long unseen:  the evil we have done in your name, the injuries we have committed in your name, the lives we have destroyed in your name.  We ask forgiveness for violating individuals, families, communities, nations and your fundamental teachings.

May we learn courage from Elizabeth’s courage.  As she names the truths of evil and abuse, so may we name and claim our responsibility for silencing language, abusing the body sexually and otherwise, punishing the mind and deadening the heart.  We ask you to guide us to effective ways to support those who conclude they must continue their journey of healing and renewal outside our church, as well as those who continue within.

May the light of your grace show us how to walk with integrity on the path of reconciliation beside Elizabeth and her family, and the many thousands who share their experiences.

We ask all this is the name of Jesus.

Cynthia Patterson is the Indigenous Ministries suicide prevention co-ordinator for eastern Canada.


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