Day # 21 in 22 Days

Each day during these 22 days, we have been sharing a sacred story. Each of these stories are of residential school survivors—stories of trauma, shame, and abuse, but also courage, resilience, and hope—each accompanied by a daily prayer. We encourage you to take the time to listen to each story. When you pray, reflect on the words of the prayers, chosen so carefully by each contributor. Think about what commitment you can make to continue the journey towards reconciliation. 

June 20 – Day 21:  Gail Flett was filmed at the Second National Native Convocation in Minaki, ON in 1993.  Watch her story.


By: The Rev. Laurette Glasgow
For: Gail Flett

A broken bone can be set
A broken heart can mend
But a broken spirit
cannot be
easily restored.

Are there limits to your boundless love?
Has the well of the water of true life run dry?
Where is your healing grace to be found?

In the still and quiet of endless night
my heart quickens
as your gentle voice whispers truth within me
and the ember of hope rekindles my spirit.

As night turns into day
your love courses through my body, mind, and spirit
offering a space, however small,
for grace to grow
so that
forgiveness might begin its journey.

The Rev. Laurette Glasgow is the Anglican Church of Canada’s special advisor for government relations.


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