Day #22 in 22 Days

Today is National Aboriginal Day

June 21 – Day 22

We have been sharing the sacred stories of Canada’s Residential School Legacy. Today we listen to Terry “Coyote” Aleck  who was interviewed by Anglican Video at the Traditional Healing Circle in 1993 in Lytton, BC.  Terry is a Counsellor and Healer. Watch his story now.


By: The Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald
For: Terry Aleck

Great Mystery, closer than our next breath and greater than all our hopes; your truth is more powerful than every lie and every evil, may your healing give birth to a restoration of the land, our families, our peoples, and our love, through your living Word, Jesus, our brother and saviour.  Amen.

The Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald is the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop for the Anglican Church of Canada.


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