Day #9 in 22 Days

June 8th – Day 9

Dorothy Croquet was Boy’s Supervisor at St. Michael’s Residential School.  She was interviewed by Anglican Video in 1994 at her home in Fraser Valley, BC.  Watch her story by clicking here.


By: The Rev. Canon Ginny Doctor
For: Dorothy Croquet

Good and gracious God, our Creator, we give you thanks for our children and all those who have given them knowledge and wisdom to walk a good path;

We pray for all of our people who were hurt by workers and teachers in residential schools, we pray that all are healed;

We are thankful for the workers and teachers who gave of themselves so that the Good Mind prevailed, for all the good things they did, we are thankful.

Holy God, you created everything; help us to be whole and healthy and to find our balance for living in today’s world. Help us to reconcile and honor our past and go forth into the future with love and strength. We ask this in your name and in the name of Jesus Christ, the Peacemaker and Savior. Amen.

The Rev. Canon Ginny Doctor is the co-ordinator of Indigenous Ministries for the Anglican Church of Canada.


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