Day #8 in 22 Days

Day 8 – June 7th

The Reverend Mervin Wolfleg was interviewed by Anglican Video in 1995 at his home in the Siksika Nation in Alberta. Mervin passed away on April 14, 2014.  Watch his story here.


By: Jennifer Warren
For: The Rev. Mervin Wolfleg

Creator God, We praise you in every beautiful tongue you have given us. Your love is a gift in every language under the Sun.

Merciful God, We are sorry for the pain and damage that was caused to your beloved sons and daughters who lived and worked in the residential school system.

Faithful God, We give thanks for the life of our brother, The Rev. Mervin Wolfleg. Through his courage to share and his life of ministry, the journey to healing has begun in those whom he served.

Healer God, We pray that you continue this work through those of us who remain. Help us to comfort those who mourn the loss of their culture, communities, and loved ones.

Omnipotent God, We pray that you open our ears to hear your Word. Grant us courage to challenge hypocrisy and systemic discrimination.

Mighty God, We pray that you bless our hands and feet that we may take bold action. Guide us as we heal together and restore right relationships between the First Nations and Settlers of this land.

Peaceful God, We pray that you fill our hearts so that our lives may overflow and flood this nation with your peace.



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