Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the new life Christ gives the church.  Strong preaching and the celebration of Holly Communion are the order of the day.  The seven weeks of Eastertide, in the earlier church used to be called “Pentecost” which means “50 days.” These 50 days are a time of rejoicing in the presence of the risen Lord in and with the church, bringing new life.

Saint Augustine of Hippo wrote: “These days after the Lord’s resurrection form a period, not of labour, but of peace and joy.  That is why there is no fasting and we pray standing, which is a sign of resurrection…. The Alleluia is sung.”

Churches celebrate this season of Eastertide as a time of jubilee and liberation by refraining from fasting and kneeling, by keeping a paschal candle lit, and by singing alleluia.

Origen, an early Christian wrote: “Whoever can say ‘we are risen with Christ’ is always living in the season of Eastertide!”

So sing, and praise God from whom all blessings flow, and celebrate the Risen Christ. Alleluia!

Our next opportunities for worship are:

Thursday May 7th @ 10am

Sunday May 10th @ 8am and 10am ( 10am service incorporates Sunday School for part of the Service)

Thursday May 14th @ 10am

Saturday May 16th @ 3:30 – “Messy Church” – for the whole family/ all ages

Sunday May 17th 8am and 10am ( 10am service incorporates Sunday School for part of the Service)


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