Environmental Stewardship Bible Study

Just a reminder that our Environmental Stewardship Bible Study starts (today) Thursday evening, 26 September. We will meet in the church hall of St. Peter’s Anglican Church, 5800 Church Road, Duncan.  Please arrive shortly before:

– 5:30 PM if you are participating in the environmental prayer walk, led by Rev. Deborah;

– 6:00 PM if you are coming for dinner;

– 6:50 PM if you only wish to take in the bible study itself.

Suggested materials (non-essential): pen, paper, your favorite bible.

When you arrive, please check over the participants’ list for accuracy (name, phone, email) if you have pre-registered.  If you have not yet registered, simply add your name, phone number, and email address on the BACK of the participants’ list.

Indicate on the participants’ list if you wish to receive advance copies of the presentation slides (in a PDF file) each week, and pick up your name tag and the several handouts that will be ready.  The handouts include hard-copies of the slides for this week.  Please leave your name tag behind at the end of each evening.   We will stop sharp at 8:30 PM.

Thanks, and I truly hope you will engage in and enjoy the bible study.


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