Food Bank Donations Needed

THE DUNCAN FOOD BANK operated by the Cowichan Valley Basket Society, is rapidly depleting their funds, and is headed for a deficit because of rising prices and more people who are in need of help.  Some 460 hampers of food are provided each month, feeding over 1000 people, and more than 1/3 of these are children.  The society also operates a soup kitchen 6 days per week, and serves approximately 150 bowls of soup and sandwiches, which for some is the only meal they get. Food hampers typically included a pound each of hamburger and peanut butter, but the food bank has now been forced to cut back on these essential protein needs.  Peanut butter can be provided through St. Peter’s food donations collected each Sunday.  Cash donations are also very welcome of course.  Find more information about Duncan’s foodbank at


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