Gifts at Christmas

Kathy’s Corner

It’s Christmas! This is a season of gifts.  Yes, I think of the gifts under the tree, waiting to bring surprise to the face of a child.  Then there are the gifts between friends reminding us of the friendship we value.  Nature offers us many gifts; the sparkle of morning sunshine on an icicle, the invitation of fresh snow, or the intimate moment when two animals express playful joy and fun.  Those of us with sight receive the gift of beauty in our world.  If we have hearing we know the pleasure in a child’s laughter or the gentle words of wisdom from an elderly friend.  Just the taste of a Christmas treat – and we are suddenly reminded of Grandmother’s baking; and the smell of a freshly cut evergreen takes us back to an early time.  These are the gifts of memory!

As you reflect on all of these gifts, we experience  those exquisite gifts given to us  by God – his Son, and with Him the precious offerings of hope, peace, love and joy.  Enter into this season ready to receive all of these gifts of Christmas!

by Kathy Y.


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