Ideas from the Capital Project Team on Giving

Concrete Ideas for Giving More

  • Eat meals at home (save $30 to $80 each time you don’t eat at a restaurant).
  • Donate salary increases over the next 3 years.
  • Donate a portion of overtime wages.
  • Reduce trips to beauty salon, hairdresser, barber.
  • Postpone major purchases; change focus.
  • Donate portion of income tax refund.
  • Re-evaluate approach to taking a vacation.
  • Give less expensive Christmas and Birthday gifts.
  • Create your own jobs – lawns, snow, yard sales…
  •  Give  a Capital Project Donation as Christmas or Birthday Gift
  •  Give to the Capital Project in memory of someone buried in our cemetery or a loved one.
  •   Make a pledge, pay it off each month

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