Kathy’s Corner

I love Thursdays!

I love Thursdays!  At nine o’clock a Christian Meditation begins.   Please consider meeting with this small group of us as we sit quietly in a soft silence in the church.  We invite the Holy Spirit to meet us there.  If  unhelpful thoughts come to disturb our peace, we allow them to pass on – as a feather gently falls to the floor.  It’s only 20 minutes of precious time allowing us to hear whatever we are meant to hear.  Nothing fancy, just sitting in silence,  and resting quietly in the presence of God.  We come away set up for whatever the day brings.

And then,, and then, a group of 12-18 worshippers come for our Midweek Eucharist.  All are welcome to both of these gatherings.  This is an intimate group often listening to the readings for the coming Sunday.  A short reflection is  followed by an animated discussion, before we continue with the Eucharist.  For many of us it is a favourite gathering.  The service is followed by coffee time in the Rector’s Lounge where laughter, teasing or serious discussions can be heard for another half an hour.  We’d love to see you there.  No wonder I love Thursdays!

by Kathy Y.


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