Kathy’s Corner – On Spirituality

 January, 2014

In our EFM class we recently discussed images that describe our spirituality.

I think of my spirituality as an early pregnancy.  The doctor may have said that there is a child.  Now the  mother begins to watch for signs.  My spirituality is  within me.  It colours my thoughts and my actions and my feelings.  I am watching for signs.  I feel an expectancy.  On occasion I feel a connection, a gentle direction; it reminds me of the quickening time, when a mother begins to feel a flutter of movement (about 4-5 months).  She truly knows the child is there, is alive.  For me, when  I feel that urgency, I become even more attentive to the Holy Spirit, and more involved in seeking guidance.  I rest, knowing that while I feel that sense of movement, I am safe and I feel cared for in His arms.


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