Kudos to our Parish Administrator, Monica. The work of a Parish Administrator is not a normal office job, there is an extreme pastoral element within the business framework. Monica’s special ability to listen and greet people in such a positive friendly manner creates the warm and welcoming environment within our office. She has an eye for detail, she is very organized and is a master at doing the required work and many times on such short notice. This is evident when it comes to our weekly bulletins, announcements, funerals, interments, overall parish communication, ministry programs, and recently added to her work is the worship omnibus. But her work does not stop there. The position is ever evolving with the constant challenge of time. We are truly grateful and appreciate all that she does for our Parish. Thank-you Monica. May God continue to bless you and your family in all that you do.

From Rector’s Warden, Lynne Adam


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