More about Lent

More from Rev. Deborah’s letter to the Parish.  A complete copy can be found on our “Reflections” page.

“As Anglicans, our custom in marking the season of Lent is often the practice of giving up something… like those things we may really enjoy such as chocolate or sweets or taking on some extra things such as extra prayer time or doing special outreach practices such as assisting at the food bank or giving up smoking and then offering the money saved to a charity. Both can help to mark the season as a holy time of personal reflection and preparation. 

 Note that the season of Lent is forty days, plus the six Sundays.  This is because Sundays are always celebrations of Jesus’ resurrection, and are an appropriate day to relax the restrictions of Lent.  So, for example for some, if you have given up alcohol for Lent, you could indulge in a glass of wine on Sunday.

 Lent is also an especially appropriate time for the sacrament of confession.  While confession to a priest is not essential to receive God’s forgiveness, many find it helpful for reconciliation. You can ask Rev. Deborah more about confession and you may wish to set up an appointment with her to experience a private confession. This year St. Peter’s will offer a special healing service on  March 25 so we can prepare for Holy Week the following week.”

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