Sanctuary Program

Information on this page comes directly from The Anglican Diocese of British Columbia.

Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) are the first of the Spring flowers to appear each year, often poking their wee white heads through the lingering snows of Winter.  Snowdrops represent the hope that the darkness will lift, the hope that light will return soon.  They also symbolise hope for a friend in need

The Sanctuary Program of the Diocese of British Columbia is such a symbol of hope, signalling to all who enter our churches that they may find incarnated there the hope of peace, safety, and the freedom to grow into the whole and beloved child of God whom they have been created to be.

You are free to attend a Sanctuary Program workshop in a neighbouring parish if one is not offered in your home parish.  Please register for the workshops by phoning the office of the parish where you wish to attend the workshop.

The new Sanctuary Program uses faith-based material from the Faith Trust Institute in Seattle, Washington.  The new program is composed of two sessions, the first of which is a FULLDAY workshop, called “Healthy Boundaries 101.”  When it is time for you to re-certify in three years, instead of merely repeating the same material taken in “Healthy Boundaries 101,” you will attend a half-day workshop called “Healthy Boundaries 201,” which builds upon the material learned in the first workshop.  There is more information about the new program in the September edition of “The Diocesan Post.”

Our sincerest thanks to you all for your commitment to volunteering amongst God’s people, to working towards the building up of the Body of Christ, and to ensuring that our churches are save havens for all who come to us seeking the love and the peace of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Contact the parish office if you are interested in finding out when the next workshop being offerd on Vancouver Island is.

Photo on this page by Sheila Flynn