Mothering Sunday March 15

The fourth Sunday in Lent has long been observed as a day for completely relaxing the disciplines of Lent.  For this reason, it is also known as Refreshment Sunday or Mid-Lent Sunday.  Because the readings and prayers for this day focus on the role of Jesus’ mother, Mary, in God’s plan for our salvation, it is the day on which we especially celebrate and pray for mothers, and all who exercise maternal care in any way, including the Mother Church. We celebrate Mothering Sunday with Seminal Cake and posies.

This Mothering Sunday will have the extra joy of the Celebration of Holy Matrimony for Roger and Elizabeth(Liz). The wedding will take place at St. Peters as a part of the 10 am service. All are invited to join Elizabeth, Roger and their families for the Celebration and Blessing of the marriage and for a light lunch immediately following the service in the parish hall. In lieu of gifts, please consider a contribution to “Paul’s MD project” or St. Peter’s Capital Project.


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