Getting Involved

Newcomers often ask how they can get involved in the life of the parish. Here are some concrete suggestions:

  1. Attend Sunday worship and social time after worship with enough regularity to settle and get to know a group of people. In order to feel connected to others, it’s also important to have a chance to connect to other people in a low-key social setting.
  2. Attend our Tuesday Noon lunch & Bible Study or Thursday morning Eucharist  & Social Time. This again connects you to a broader part of our community and grounds you in God.
  3. Come to a Parish Meet & Greet Gatherings to make social connections or get a chance to ask any question you want about our liturgy or programs.  These happen every few months and are generally a wine & cheese hosted by a member of the parish.
  4. Sign up for and attend one of our many classes, workshops, or book studies held throughout the year.
  5. Get involved in doing something with others in the parish. This could be volunteering at our once-a-month Foot Care Clinic program or  it could be serving as a reader, greeter, or server on a Sunday Morning.  You can also offer to volunteer in our office, with our fundraising team, to assist in the upkeep of our property, or to help the Altar Guild prepare the Altar for Sunday mornings. Doing things with others creates bonds that help newcomers feel a part of things quickly.
  6. Make a financial pledge to the parish. While you may reason that you should feel strongly affiliated before making a financial pledge, the opposite is the case, that is, that making a financial commitment creates and strengthens a sense of affiliation.