News from the Capital Campaign

The next announcement for Capital Project funds raised will be on Sunday February 2nd at both services.

Recent Donors:

  • Carol Milo
  • Enid Wade
  • Francine O’Brian
  • The Estate of Phoebe Spurgin
  • Janet Marsh
  • Ed and Kathy York
  • Phyllis and Geoff Smith
  • Terry Evans
  • Nonah Pite
  • George and Shirley Herbert have given in memory of the Elkington and Hebbert Families
  • Francine O’Brian has given in memory of Donough R. and R. Denny OBrien
  • Douglas Toller and Sheila Simmons have given for the church┬árenovations and wish the Capital Project “good luck”
  • Isabel and Wanda Stadnicki have given sending many blessings to St Peter’s parish. They wish us continuing happiness in the days ahead.
  • Mark Oldnall and the Mr Mike’s “Come Dine With Us” Fundraiser thanks parishioners for purchasing tickets to this awesome event.
  • Nikki Wetzel-Eden and all the youth of St Peters thank you for purchasing tickets to the Spaghetti Dinner and Talent Night.
  • Peggy Ryzak thanks you for purchasing her book of poems and prose as she is donating all of the profits of the sales to the Capital Project.




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