Grow Your Loonie Project

Momentum is gathering as many of you are coming up with ideas on how to “grow” the loonie you were given. The idea behind these projects is that you are creating a gift for the parish so that we can reduce or eliminate our debt in time for our 150th Anniversary.  Some people are choosing to give a cash donation above and beyond their regular giving.  Others are hosting special events i.e. – a dinner or tea for their friends and asking for a donation of a nominal amount, having a garage sale at their home, taking friends out in their boat and asking for a donation, mowing lawns for a donation towards reducing the Capital Debt – the list of ideas is endless…..

If you’d like to let others know about your event and to avoid overlap of dates please contact our coordinators: Dave Sullivan: 1-778-936-9213 and/or Martha Clarke: marthaclarke[at]

They will be pleased to help you.




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