Thank You

Thank you to our following friends who have toiled long and hard on the Capital Project. Each one has given up work time, family time, and free time to better the parish, to honour our ancestors and to take the church into the future for our parish children.  Some of these helping hands on the Capital Project are:

  • Monica/Alan Gurzinski
  • Ian/Nikki Wetzel-Eden
  • Renee Stieda and Warren Watson
  • Eileen Curtis and Barry Snider
  • Mark Oldnall
  • Rev. Deborah Rivet and Ed Bettiss
  • Fellowship Catering
  • Wendy Porteous
  • Mike Coleman
  • Doreen Chaperon
  • Val/Bob Major
  • Bill/Judi Anderson
  • Ed/Kathy York
  • Audrey Loewen
  • Lynda Beaman
  • Linda/Frank Bollinger
  • Connie/Brian Crawford
  • Geoff/Phyllis Strong
  • Dave/Priscilla Lowe
  • Marianne Nicoll
  • Rocke Wightman
  • Chris Easly
  • Sunday School Children
  • Archdeacon Brian Evans
  • Bob Brandle
  • Tricia Datene
  • Una Hearn
  • Dianne Coutts
  • Alison Wilcock
  • Alan and Audra Steel
  • Rev Chris/Pearl Stoker
  • Dave/Yvonne Van Ryk
  • Connie Gerbrandt
  • Jean/George Brockhurst
  • Frank and Elsie Kershaw
  • Marilyn Rummel
  • The First Carpenters

Apologies to those people whose names I have overlooked and do not appear on this list.  With gratitude and thanks, Dianne McNair, Capital Project Team Leader.


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