Thanksgiving Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving! May you and yours be blessed and may you be open to seeing all the goodness that you have in your life. Thanksgiving has a special meaning for us. It is the Harvest time. Living on this beautiful Island of ours we have the opportunity to enjoy the harvest that we see so plentifully available in the farmer’s fields up down our Island home.

At this time of year I love watching the colors of trees changing as their leaves put on a show of brilliant orange, yellow, leather brown and a wide variety of shades of green. Yet I still have raspberries on my raspberry canes, my petunias are still in bloom with their skirts of merry red so dazzling. I still have a bounty of tomatoes and the apple crop this year is tremendous! What color! Who mixed the paints, who handled the brush to give such color to the fields we see around us? … God!

He, in his infinite love and wisdom, has provided, through the unfailing laws of nature, for the growth, sweetness, coloring and beautifying of all the products of the fields. I offer praise and thanksgiving for all the beauty found all around us. We come to know that God’s harvest is utterly reliable. As we come to know that, we find ourselves rejoicing in the glory, which God is already pouring down upon us.

Praise is the great meaning of Thanksgiving. God, our Creator, sends us every good gift. From God’s bountiful hand comes our daily mercies. Let us praise him with a prayer of thanksgiving everyday!

Rev. Deborah Rivet


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