We, at St. Peter’s welcome the privilege of helping anyone facing death or the loss of a loved one. The clergy and people of our parish are here to offer care, support and comfort.

candlesDeath of a loved one is a traumatic time for all. Death confronts us in the depths of our being. It is a significant and intimidating event, and can leave us disoriented and frightened. It is important to find ways of approaching death that allow us to acknowledge it, accept it, and move forward in hope. That is the purpose of a funeral or memorial service.

From the perspective of our Christian faith, dying is a beautiful and meaningful transition, an opening to new life. The clergy of St. Peter’s are always available to be with someone who is dying, to offer prayer and hope, and to offer a loving and steady presence at a difficult and often frightening time to both the dying person and to their family and loved ones. Our rector will come to either home or hospital and offer “Last Rites,” or prayers and anointing for the dying as requested.

It has been the practice of the Christian Church for many centuries to gather at the time of death in order to reflect and commemorate, to commiserate and comfort, and to express our hope and faith that “in Christ shall all be made alive.” A funeral service is an opportunity for reflection, thanksgiving, prayer, and mutual support, a time to be reassured and upheld by the spiritual resources of the Christian faith.

A funeral, (the body of the deceased person is present) or memorial service (body not present) is an important gathering and there are a number of things to consider in preparing for such a service:

Meeting with the Clergy

Grief can be overwhelming, and in addition, people are often swamped by a multitude of tasks that need to be done. Family conflicts can become a factor. People can become very stressed, and making good decisions can become difficult. The clergy can provide a steady and calm presence in the midst of the chaos and offer a helpful perspective on things, and we are glad to be there for you at such difficult times.

Typically, the family is immediately in touch with one of the funeral homes to deal with practical matters relating to the transport and care of the body, and details about obituary, flowers, cards, etc. However, please notify the parish office, as soon as possible (250 746 6262) of a death and request for service. The clergy will want to meet with the family to offer support, and to plan for the service.

At St. Peter’s we use both the Book of Alternative Services or the Book of Common Prayer for funeral services. It is our desire to help families create a service that speaks to the life of the deceased.


St. Peter’s is pleased to offer catering services to families wishing a reception in our parish hall. Food is prepared by a dedicated group of parishioners wishing to offer this ministry to bereaved families. Offered are tea sandwiches, sweet treats, coffee and tea with an assortment of other items upon request. Please contact the office at 250-746-6262 (T-F 9am-1pm) if you are interested in more information.

Associated Costsrose on ice

Funerals Costs are collected and paid directly to the Parish Administrator during regular office hours.

Here is an overview of possible church expenses that can incur when planning a funeral. Please confirm prices with the Parish Administrator as prices are subject to change without notice.

Church: $300.00 (includes service leaflets at no additional charge)
Priest: $250.00
Caretaker/Verger: $75.00
Altar Guild: $75.00
Organist: $175.00

Cemetery burial is available for members of The Anglican Parish of St. Peter, Quamichan.  All requests for right of internment (full burial & cremation) must be made in writing to the Cemetery Committee.  The Cemetery Committee has prices for rights of internment, maintenance fees, opening/ closing. Please discuss with them directly what your needs are.  The Parish Administrator can put you in direct contact with the Team Leaders.